Commentaires sur mes extensions|Comments on my add-ons

Depuis que POTI à décidé de fermer les commentaires sur la plateforme d’extensions suite à un problème de spam, je vous invite à publier vos commentaires sur cet article concernant n’importe quelle de mes extensions. Vous pouvez aussi rapporter différents problèmes sur les pages Google Code dédiées :
Since POTI decided to close comments on the add-ons platform because of spam flood, I invite you to post comments on this article about any of my add-ons. You can also report issues on the dedicated Google Code pages :

Merci et en espérant que POTI trouve une solution rapidement pour ré-ouvrir les commentaires.
Thanks, and hopes for POTI to quickly find a solution to reopen comments.

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  1. Hi Antoine,
    I have a recommendation for your Songbird Command Line Support addon. It did not work for me on Songbird 1.10.1, Build 2160 using Windows 7 x86. However when I change your script from:
    if (typeof(Cc) == « undefined »)
    var Cc = Components.classes;
    if (typeof(Ci) == « undefined »)
    var Ci = Components.interfaces;
    var gMM = Cc[«;1 »]

    to simply:
    var gMM = Components.classes[«;1 »].getService(Components.interfaces.sbIMediacoreManager);

    it works like a charm – don’t know if its due to the linebreak or something else.. would be great if you could look into it and push out an update for other users experiencing this issue (or maybe it’s just me? :))

    best regards,

  2. FireTorrent seems like a great idea. Normally I am computer literate, too. But I try to open .torrent files in Songbird magnetically and can’t find Firetorrent in the apps list to open the torrent with. Also if I save the .torrent file, it just downloads it and doesn’t open it like a normal bit torrent client.

    Is there something I’m missing?, how do I get this to work?, sorry to ask such a stupid question. I want to write an article about this extension but I need success first!.

  3. Once FireTorrent installed, .torrent are downloaded using the default Download Manager, but instead of downloading the .torrent it downloads the content of torrent in a folder :)

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